Tobago house of assembly elections essay

The President and Vice President of the Senate are elected from among the Members of the Senate in accordance with the provision of Chapter 4, Sections of the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago.

Tobago House of Assembly

For employees in general, other than shift workers, the normal hours of work are eight hours a day, usually from 8: Collective agreements usually also contain provisions for wages, leave entitlements, severance pay, travelling and other allowances.

This two-thirds majority allowed them to draft the Independence Constitution without input from the DLP.

39 candidates in THA race

She noted that outgoing Chief Secretary Orville London has been in the position for the last 16 years. An employee is therefore not denied her right of redress, even though she is not a member of a trade union. This includes paid vacation leave and usually fourteen days paid sick leave, with three working days bereavement leave where the death occurs in Trinidad and Tobago and five days where it occurs outside.

Homosexuality is still a criminal offence with penal consequences. While the Special Tribunal is not a Division of the Industrial Court it does exercise the powers and functions the Court possesses in respect of the essential services. There are as yet no statutory provisions concerning sexual harassment and as a result the common law applies.

Eric Williams

Each division is led by a secretary, with an administrator serving as the accounting officer responsible for producing the desired results of the division. The outstanding physical feature of the island of Trinidad is its Northern Range, a continuation of the coastal ranges of the Andes Mountains in Venezuela.

Sixteen acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister. In the 16th century many of these Trinidadian Indians were captured by Spanish slave traders and sent to work in other Spanish possessions, but there was no effective Spanish presence on the island until Williams and the Commission, the Commission elected not to renew his contract.

A campus of the University of the West Indies, offering courses in engineering, business administration, law, medicine, social sciencenatural science, education, agriculture, and humanities, is located in St.

Trinidad and Tobago

Its second document was The People's Charter' in which the party strove to separate itself from the transitory political assemblages which had thus far been the norm in Trinidadian politics Wikipedia, Online.

The Factories Ordinance, Chapter 30 No. Consequently, a Public Interest Desk was established to allow the public to give their input on governance of the island. Tobago, much smaller, with an area of about square miles square kmlies 20 miles 30 km to the northeast of Trinidad.

This action led the British government to dissolve the Federation Wikipedia, Online.This occurred when the A.N.R.

Robinson was declared winner of the Tobago seat in with more votes than there were registered voters, and in the fact that the PNM was able to win every subsequent election until the Tobago House of Assembly Elections (Wikipedia, Online).4/4(1).

The Tobago House of Assembly is located in Scarborough, the capital of Tobago. The winner of a free election of 12 electoral districts every 4 years gets to run the THA. The standard of living in Tobago is high and the natural beauty of the island and its people have attracted many foreigners to its shores.

In Tobago, the governing inter-island body is known as the Tobago House of Assembly and elections are held every four years. Tobago uses an electoral system known as “first past the post”. Dec 23,  · The Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) now has its full slate of candidates to contest the January 23rd, Tobago House of Assembly Elections.

Under the Tobago House of Assembly Actthe Tobago House of Assembly was established for the purpose of making better provisions for the administration of the island of Tobago and for matters connected therewith. The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) is a unicameral autonomous legislative body responsible for the island of Tobago within the twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

The colorful history of Tobago

The THA was established in to rectify some of the disparities in the relationship between the two islands, though a prior body using the same name existed from .

Tobago house of assembly elections essay
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